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Double Electric Breast Pump Kit w/ Six Bottles

Brand : Medline

SKU : MDS67060

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  • Lightweight, portable pump with single and double pumping capability has quiet pump motor and 100% anti-backflow design to eliminate wasted milk.
  • Large LCD screen keeps you in control by showing suction level, mode, timing and more; battery power option allows for flexibility in case you're not near an outlet
  • Nine suction modes (four stimulation and five expression) help to simulate babies' natural nursing rhythm
  • Pump automatically cycles through first five suction modes, however you can override the automatic expression settings and increase/decrease suction at any time to maximize your comfort and flow rate

Convenient kit includes everything you need to pump away from home: electric double pump, 2 breast shields with silicone insert, nipple with collar, 2 pump caps, 4 bottles, 4 bottle caps, 2 bottle stands, cooler, ice pack, 2 valves, 9V AC adaptor plus a tote bag



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