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Optifoam Gentle 6" x 6" AG Silicone Face & Border Dressing - MSC9666EP

Brand : Medline

SKU : MSC9666EP-EA-1

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  • Silicone dressing provides gentle adhesion
  • Highly conformable1 dressing which can be lifted and reapplied
  • Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) adjusts to fluid level
  • Ionic silver provides an antimicrobial barrier1
  • Continuous antimicrobial protection1
  • Super absorbent core absorbs exudate, converts it into gel and locks it away
  • Helps create an ideal healing environment
  • Waterproof outer layer protects the wound and helps keep bacteria out
  • Low friction and shear outer layer
  • Low profile design increases flexibility and comfort
  • Indications: pressure injuries, partial and full-thickness wounds, lower extremity ulcers, donor sites, lesions with active vasculitis, individuals with a known sensitivity to silver
  • Contraindications: third-degree burns
  • May be left in place for up to 7 days; Dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage



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