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DuraPrep™ 26 mL Skin Prep Solution 8630 -Box of 20

by 3M
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  • Reference Number: 8630
  • Case of 20 applicators



  • Provides both rapid bacterial kill and long lasting antimicrobial persistence
  • Contains 3M™ Prep Protection Film, which dries to form a persistent and durable layer of protection on the patient's skin
  • 3M™ Prep Protection Film was scientifically formulated to protect the prep from removal during surgery
  • The 3M Prep Protection film acts as a primer that helps an antimicrobial incise drape adhere to the patient's skin and protects against incise drape lift
  • The 8630 large-size applicator is appropriate for: Large prep areas below the neck, thoracic and CV, spine, total hip and knee, C-section and major abdominal surgeries