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Mepitel® 4 x 8 Inch Wound Dressing - Box of 10

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  • Box of 10 Dressings
  • Reference Number: 29099


  • Mepitel® is a gentle two-sided wound contact layer with Safetac® – the contact layer designed to minimize pain and trauma at dressing change
  • Mepitel does not adhere to the moist wound so it can be easily removed without damaging the skin, potentially reducing pain for your patients
  • Safetac also protects new tissue and intact skin, so wounds remain undisturbed, to support faster healing
  • Mepitel seals the wound margins to protect skin from damaging leaks and maceration
  • Undisturbed healing - Mepitel can remain in place for up to 14 days
  • Doesn’t leave residue and maintains functional qualities over time
  • Mepitel's transparency allows you to assess healling progress without removing the dressing