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Med Stream® Prefilled Normal Saline IV Flush Syringe 10ml

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  • Reference Number: 191-MIS-1130
  • 10ML fill in 12ML Syringe
  • Normal Saline

** Current Expiration Date: 05-2025 and Later

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  • Med Stream® Prefilled Normal Saline IV Flush Syringe, USP
  • IV flush solution made up of 0.9% sodium chloride (9 mg/mL) in water for injection to provide a non-pyrogenic and isotonic solution for flushing catheters
  • Contains normal saline use as a sterile, isotonic injection; compatible with intravenous tubing, and/or indwelling access devices
  • White color-coded labels, tip caps, and packaging for easy identification of saline solution and decreased risk of errors during preparation and flush application
  • Terminally sterilized solution and pathway for safe administration
  • For use to maintain patency of indwelling, intravenous access devices
  • No reflux flushing
  • Larger diameter than standard hypodermic syringes comfortably fits in hand and generates lower psi
  • Features polypropylene construction free of preservatives, DEHP and BPA and not made of natural rubber latex
  • Clear, 12 mL syringe with printed graduation marks in 0.2 mL increments for unobstructed visibility of solution
  • Syringe activates by simply applying pressure with tip cap in place, triggering a tangible and audible "pop" for simple and intuitive easy use
  • May be used following the injection or infusion of medication
  • pH range: 4.5 and 7.0
  • Total osmolar concentration of solution: 0.308 mOsm/mL
  • Disposable design for single sterile use
  • ISO-compliant syringe
  • Not for use for reconstitution or dilution of medication
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex